Thursday 21st June 2018

Counterfeit warning

Gaskets ensure optimum engine functioning and performance. Play it safe and always use original spare parts from Elring for your vehicle service!

Counterfeit parts can result in serious damage to the engine, and there is a significant safety risk in installing fake and replica products. To protect them from cheap imitations, Elring products are always marked with an Elring hologram.

To meet the latest security requirements, the existing hologram has been upgraded into a nanogram. The distinctive differences between old and new versions are shown clearly below

New Elring Nanogram: In future you will find this on all full gasket sets (S), cylinder-head gasket sets (ES), crank case sets (CS) and cylinder-head gaskets (ZKD)

Click here to see the security features that distinguish an original part.

Note: Current stock has not been re-labelled. This means that we will be delivering products featuring the new nanogram or the old hologram.

Typical features: three-dimensional (impression of depth), non-detachable, transparent, recessed numerical code.

Forgeries of the old hologram: Surface print only (no depth effect), detachable foil label, numerical code printed in black.

Genuine gasket: Perfect elastomer profile fit at the pressure oil duct - for guaranteed reliable operation. Imitation: With inferior elastomer profile - major loss of oil.

Original gasket: With accurately matching elastomer profile on the pressure oil channel: guaranteed functional safety

Counterfeit: Improperly machined elastomer
profile: high oil loss