Tuesday 22nd May 2018


As specialists in mixture formation, fuel and vacuum supply, air control and emission control, Pierburg is very involved in the development and production of today's components. Statistically there are 3.2 Pierburg components in every passenger vehicle that is manufactured in Europe. The majority of  these parts are monitored either directly or indirectly by OBD  
In its role as first-tier supplier, Pierburg has traditionally been one of the closest partners to the automotive industry, right from the start successfully advancing the development of the automobile. 
Pierburg was founded in 1909 as a steel trader in Berlin; in 1928, Pierburg commenced with the production of carburettors and very soon graduated into sole supplier to all German automakers and many international motor vehicle producers and engine manufacturers. 
In 1986, Pierburg was taken over by the Rheinmetall Group and in 1998 merged with Kolbenschmidt to form Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG. 
Within the Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Group, Pierburg is the specialist for emission control, air supply, throttle valves and solenoid valves. 
Decades of experience combined with comprehensive, innovative and globally acknowledged capabilities in every aspect of the engine are factors that have driven Pierburg in its mission of repeatedly developing and manufacturing forward-looking components, modules, and systems. 
Of gaining significance in the development of new engine generations are such factors as reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, and enhanced performance, comfort, and safety. 
For these purposes, Pierburg offers high-technology solutions: on-demand controlled electric coolant pumps, DC-motor driven exhaust gas recirculation systems, divert-air valves, as well as the many different versions of drive modules. All these developments help to create an economically and ecologically balanced automobile. 
As in the past, nowadays, too, Pierburg is actively shaping the future of the automobile. 

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