Elring's origins


1996 - Jan

Elring Parts Ltd was founded and commenced trading in June of the same year. One of the company's main goals was to improve their availability and trading position in the U.K.

1996 - Dec

Elring Parts Ltd had emerged as one of the leading gasket suppliers in the UK and achieved ISO 9001:2008 as recognition for their excellent quality procedures.

2000 - Oct

As part of a millennium expansion program Elring Parts Ltd moved to new premises, this relocation placed them close to several of the leading national over-night carriers, and also gave them increased stock capability in a purpose built unit of over 8000 square feet.

2003 - Apr

Elring Parts Ltd became the sole UK distributor for the KS Product Range. KS (Kolbenschmidt) is a well renowned name in the market for Engine Parts. At the same time Elring Parts Ltd became a main distributor for AMC to provide a range of Cylinder Heads, thus extending their portfolio further.

2004 - Sep

Elring Parts Ltd became the sole UK distributor for the Wahler thermostats and thermo-switches.

2005 - Sep

Elring Parts Ltd portfolio increased further by becoming a UK distributor for Beru products. Their portfolio consists of Ignition Components, Diesel Cold Start Systems and other Electronic Components.

2006 - Apr

Elring Parts Ltd launched their Pierburg range to their collection of quality products. Pierburg is a comprehensive range consisting of Air supply, Fuel supply, Emission control, and Vacuum generation components, all of which compiles to today's OBD & OBD II systems. Also in this month TRW Engine Components were added to the company's portfolio, providing a selection of quality Valves and Guides.

2006 - Sep

Due to their rapid expansion, the whole business once again transferred to even larger premises, offering a total floor space of 12,000 square feet with extra potential for an additional 6,000 sq ft on a second level. In doing so, this now provides the scope for further considerable increases in component stock levels.

2007 - Feb

Wahler EGR valves were added to their already expanding range.

2008 - Aug

Elring Parts Ltd introduced Siemens VDO Engine Management products to their portfolio with Actuators, Fuel Pumps, Sensors and Throttle Bodies.

2008 - Mar

Elring Parts Ltd had become a distributor for BF Germany. BF is a specialist for commercial diesel spare parts and is constantly updated with exclusive new components.

2009 - May

Elring Parts Ltd introduced BorgWarner Viscous Hubs & Fans for cars and commercial vehicles.

2009 - Aug

Elring Parts Ltd introduced VDO EGR valves to it's already expanding VDO range.

2010 - Jun

Elring Parts Ltd introduced VDO Oxygen Sensors to it's already expanding VDO range.

2017 - Oct

Elring Parts Ltd introduced MotoRad Thermostats and Caps to complement their already existing temperature management product range.