A leading manufacturer of cylinder heads

The company Amadeo Marti Carbonell S.A. (AMC S.A.), has been involved in the automotive after-market business since it was founded in 1960. AMC has now achieved a leading international status through its main production line of cylinder heads for diesel and petrol engines.

The headquarters and manufacturing plant of AMC are located at Nules (in the mid east coast region of Spain), close to the city of Valencia. AMC started casting and machining production of cylinder heads in the mid 1960's supplying initially to a growing Spanish domestic market.

During the 1970's internationalisation took place, focusing at this time on the European market with a longer-term objective of offering a service to customers throughout the world. This target has now been realised, by means of its distribution network, and now supplies to all five continents.

AMC is now considered, on a worldwide basis, to be one of the leading cylinder head manufacturers with respect to its finished product quality, technological capacity to develop new production items and expand the product range. AMC is in this way constantly seeking to extend its service levels to customers.