Products for exhaust gas and temperature management

Wahler has focused on the temperature and exhaust gas management for Internal Combustion engines. The ongoing improvement in the performance of automotive power plants goes hand in hand with innovative developments by Wahler in the areas of Thermostats and Exhaust Gas Recirculation systems (EGR).

Wahler products are installed either directly on the engine or in their immediate vicinity. This means that they must withstand both the radiated heat and the high temperatures of cooling media and exhaust gases, Wahler products perform with the utmost reliability at all temperatures and in the most challenging conditions.

When an engine has been running year after year without hitch, it's mainly thanks to the thermostat.

This is because optimised heat management in an engine is a function of the right temperature. Failure to keep the engine at the right temperature will lead to damage of key parts and components.

Wahler ensures you can depend on its products to provide the maximum possible engine life.

Temperature control technologies, pneumatic / electric actuators and flexible metal pipes from Wahler make a significant contribution towards more efficient, more reliable and more powerful engines. As well as effective environmental protection.