Calorstat by Vernet

Who are Calorstat by Vernet?

Vernet Group is a worldwide company created in 1927 with headquarters in Paris, France. Vernet is a global leader in thermostats and cooling system parts. Today, we continue the tradition of providing high quality thermostats, electronic thermostats, radiator caps, expansion tanks, switches and other related cooling system parts (16 product families in total) under the Calorstat by Vernet brand name throughout Europe, America, and Asia. Vernet’s innovative products, diverse aftermarket distributor network and OEM customer base has positioned Vernet to be the leader as an OEM and aftermarket supplier.
Why Calorstat by Vernet?

Since it has been founded Vernet has developed a constant energy in creating innovative products of the main car manufacturers. A Vernet Group brand, Calorstat is currently one of the best references in the aftermarket with the biggest car manufacturers’ high expectations. They are guaranteed to be efficient, reliable, and high-quality.
Calorstat is nowadays one of the benchmark brands providing innovative solutions to all needs, for ever more performance.