Cylinder heads

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Passenger car cylinder heads

  • are available in grey cast iron or aluminium, depending on the engine type.
  • are available in user and repair-friendly versions either as a bare head (equipped with seat inserts and valve guides), as a cylinder head with fitted valves and valve-springs, or as a complete cylinder head with valves and camshafts.

Single cylinder heads

  • Individual cylinder heads are used in many utility vehicles.
  • There are various types, e.g. watercooled cylinder heads from grey cast iron (see picture left) and air-cooled cylinder heads from aluminium (see picture right).
  • The advantage is that they can be replaced individually in case of damage.

Multiple cylinder heads

Multiple heads are mainly used in passenger car engines, but are also used in utility vehicle engines.  V engines with multiple cylinder heads have one cylinder head for each cylinder line. In engines with multiple cylinder heads, camshafts are often accommodated in the cylinder head. Engines with multiple cylinder heads are always water-cooled by design.


Water-cooled cylinder heads

Modern engines are almost exclusively water-cooled with a coolant mixture of water and anti-freeze/anti-corrosion agent.


  • Water can absorb and dissipate larger quantities of heat.
  • Cooling ducts between the cylinders and cylinder head can achieve more effective cooling within the engine.

Air-cooled cylinder heads

The air is blown directly onto the engine. To increase the size of heat-dissipating surfaces, cylinders and cylinder heads in air-cooled engines have large cooling ribs.


  • more straightforward, cost-effective construction method
  • more reliable operation
  • reduced weight
  • coolant does not freeze in low ambient temperatures