Ignition Coils

Annual global production more than 50 million
units for the OE & IAM market

An ignition coil is a device that transforms the 12-volt current from battery into the high-voltage current.
An Ignition Coil is composed of a primary coil and a secondary coil which have different number of turns. When the current to the primary coil is cut off, high voltage is generated to the secondary coil by electromagnetic induction. In the past, high voltage generated at the Ignition Coil was distributed to Distributer Cap. In these days, Direct Ignition type which has no Distributer Cap became main stream. Since this type uses an Ignition Coil at the top of Spark Plug of each cylinder, it is called as plug top type.

Plugs of each cylinder through a The ignition coil consists of a primary coil and a secondary coil, each with a different number of wire turns. The primary coil generates a magnetic field with the battery voltage and by using this magnetic field; the secondary coil will have tens of thousands of volts of induced current.
Hitachi is the first in the world to start mass production of the Plug Top Coil in 1985. Today the Plug Top Coil is the most standardized due to ease of modification for changing OE demands and battery durability.

We recommend to replace an ignition coil when you find the symptoms such as engine misfires, rough idle, or loss of power. When you replace the bad ignition coils, we recommend to replace all ignition coils at the same time.