Accuracy & reliability ideally combined

Cars worlwide get their miniature quality sensors with the BERU dedicated range of accurate and reliable Oxygen, Temperature, Pressure and Speed Sensors. From electronic control systems to inductive transmitters including Hall effect speed sensors, discover the quality BERU sensor range.


Car manufacturers worldwide increasingly resort to the use of electronic control systems in order to accurately measure a number of parameters, from inside air temperature to vehicle speed. Especially designed in collaboration with and for the automotive industry, BERU sensors respond to the respective requirements of each application in the vehicle. Setting the emphasis on functional safety under rough operating conditions, BERU delivers a quality sensor range, developed especially for a car manufacturers and their systems suppliers.


Lambda Sensors

Used in Spark Ignition (SI) engines with three-way catalytic converters, oxygen/lambda sensors aim to comply with or reach today’s low statutory emission values for pollutants.


Temperature Sensors

Used for the measurement of ambient temperatures, BERU High Temperature Sensors (HTS) are a solution for Engine and transmission, exhaust gas systems and auxiliary heaters.


Speed Sensors

Used for the measurement of speeds, BERU Speed Sensors are a solution for Engine control (crankshaft, camshaft) gear and ABS systems.


Pressure Sensors

The BERU Pressure Sensors offer excellent dependability. They come in two variants with distinct purposes: Oil Pressure Switch Sensors and Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensors.