Oxygen sensors

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The existing portfolio of sensors for engine management is optimally complemented by the inclusion of oxygen sensors, with which the best possible engine power is attained at the lowest possible fuelconsumption.

The measurements from a lambda sensor are required to ensure that the catalytic converter converts almost all pollutant exhaust that results when a fuel is combusted. Lambda sensors determine the amount of residual oxygen in the exhaust and transmit this value to the engine control, which in turn precisely sets the composition of the mixture using the transmitted values.

Oxygen sensors are subjected to significant stress,
  • High temperatures
  • Vibrations
  • Changing gases

which means that a certain level of wear and aging cannot be avoided.

Problems which can occur with oxygen sensors:
  • Defective sensor heater
  • Cables and connectors melting due to contact with the exhaust system
  • Sensor kinking
  • Soot deposits due to "rich" mixture or high oil consumption
  • Mechanical defects on cable or cable seals

The only way to ensure almost complete conversion of the fuel/air mixture into environmentally compatible exhaust gases is through perfect adjustment of the fuel/air mixture. Our oxygen sensors ensure optimal engine power while complying with the stipulated emissions values.